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Coalition of Cultural and Heritage Institutions in the Negev and the Galilee

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Who we are?

The Tarbut Movement is a nationwide organization of artists, cultural advocates and educators promoting social resilience through culture and art in underserved areas of Israel. Our work combines intensive grassroots activities, public policy advocacy, and building .partnerships with civic and cultural bodies at the local and national levels

About us
Tarbut for all
שנת שירות

Social businesses

Sustainability model

We believe that in order to develop sustainable culture and art in new areas of Israel, we must create a solid economic base. From this belief, we developed an economic infrastructure for all of the initiatives that we have established over the years. In recent years, we have also established social businesses dedicated who are profit-oriented and set up to develop employment in the creative industry.

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Youth centers across Israel


Artists and educators in local communities


Students in educational programs


Volunteers in pre-military service


Local artist groups


Events and workshops

שנת שירות

Children and youth

The Creative Center network consists of 34 centers of art and culture for youth and children in Israel established by Tarbut Movement, providing access to arts and culture, artistic training, leadership and community engagement. There are 34 Creative Centers nationwide in villages, moshavim and cities from the north to the south. Today, there are over 4,000 participants in the Creative Centers – youth and children (grades 3-12), who participate in activities during after-school hours every week.

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